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Wednesday, September 23, 2020

HappyMaven: The Story So Far

September marks the third anniversary of HappyMaven’s launch.

Chief Happiness Officer, Suki Bassi created HappyMaven with the mission to change the employee experience, by centering wellbeing and empowering people through equality, respect, and fair business practices - which in turn positively impacts businesses on many levels.

Suki’s journey to hatching HappyMaven began half a century ago, as a child of immigrants from the Punjab. Suki’s experiences from childhood, through to youth and adulthood have shaped her passions and determination to help make the world a better place.

From the beginning of her career in human rights which included gathering testimonies from the survivors of the Rwandan genocide to use in tribunals to bring the perpetrators to justice, and developing international human rights initiatives including anti-trafficking programmes to rescue women and children from domestic and sexual slavery, to co-writing the Conversations for Change programme for the Tutu Foundation; Suki’s work has always focused on justice, equality, and community building - something which runs through every fibre of HappyMaven’s work today. 

Suki took her passion and knowledge on conflict resolution and community building to the corporate world, to improve employee engagement at global advertising giant WPP where the seed of HappyMaven, as it is today, began to germinate. 

Despite Suki’s varied and rewarding career helping others to achieve safety and happiness, Suki herself suffered from imposter syndrome, chronic stress, depression which ultimately culminated in total burnout, unemployment and even a period of homelessness. Suki’s experiences and survival contribute to her zest for life today, and ability to empathise deeply and hope for humanity, which makes the work at HappyMaven intrinsically personal and rewarding for everyone involved. 

Since launching HappyMaven in 2017, Suki’s unique brand of Happiness has won the hearts and minds of global corporations and startups alike, wishing to make meaningful change within their employee communities to improve the quality of life for their people, both in and out of the workplace.

Suki’s personal and professional kudos combined with her honest and positive nature is reflected in the growth of HappyMaven as business leaders witness positive transformation within their teams and on their spreadsheets. It’s proven that employee happiness, inclusion, and wellbeing affects businesses from the inside out, with many of HappyMaven’s client’s results proving testament to the impact. 

As HappyMaven continues to grow, it’s heart remains the same - Suki’s passion, knowledge and fierce commitment to wellbeing and happiness informs everything we do as a business. The HappyMaven tribe is growing, with the addition of another two team members - supporting the mission to provide businesses and leaders with the tools, strategies, and support to unlock the commercial and emotional benefits of a diverse and happy workforce. We are dedicated to making employee wellbeing a tool for positive change to create environments where people can thrive in today’s modern workplace.

Over our lifetimes, we will spend over 90,000 hours working - so what better place to start our journey to achieving happiness and wellbeing? 

Stay in touch with HappyMaven for news, happiness tips, and upcoming events here.

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