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At HappyMaven, we understand that every people strategy is unique.

That’s why we offer bespoke people solutions, each created to help businesses build an aligned diversity, equity, inclusion and employee wellbeing plan. We help you leverage the benefits of a diverse workforce, create positive and sustainable culture changes and promote inclusive leadership.

Journey to employee wellbeing
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Bespoke solutions tailored to your business

Bespoke solutions tailored to your business

For each business, we take a bespoke approach to developing change within the organisation, often with the common goal to educate and instill diversity, inclusion, wellbeing, and equity into a sustainable company culture.

Whatever your D&I and wellbeing objectives, we take a consultative approach to understanding your business focus and your employee needs in order to provide tailored workplace wellbeing strategies to drive sustainable culture change and create a human-centric environment that empowers and inspires employees, ultimately driving businesses forward both culturally and commercially.

Comprehensive programme of workshops

Online wellbeing and leadership workshops and webinars

Start your wellbeing journey or boost your ongoing strategy with HappyMaven's programme of workshops and webinars designed to provide perspective, guidance and practical advice to positively impact employees' physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. We create custom workshops for specific challenges or initiatives and also specialise in topics such as diversity and inclusion, mental health, leadership and people management.

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CSR alignment with wellbeing objectives

Strategic partnerships, consultancy and best practice guidance

Working with HappyMaven is a true partnership. We are committed to developing sustainable diversity and inclusion and wellbeing strategies designed to solve real business challenges.

At HappyMaven we work seamlessly as a confidential and trusted critical friend to in-house HR teams, providing the expert HR knowledge and advice needed to shape an organisational culture where employees excel and businesses thrive. We support businesses by implementing initiatives and strategies to deliver the best HR practices for diversity and inclusion, employee wellbeing, physical, mental and emotional health.

Our experienced and qualified team can provide on-going guidance, support, and straightforward, actionable advice to ensure the long-term success and performance of wellbeing strategies and driving a culture of inclusion and equitability.

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Best practice guidance

CSR alignment with DEI and wellbeing objectives

We understand that implementing diversity and inclusion and employee wellbeing strategies into established business structures may mean a realignment of objectives. HappyMaven has extensive experience in aligning CSR goals with DEI and wellbeing results to provide clarity of direction and return on investment.

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