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Our Services

With 140 million working days lost to sickness and mental ill health at work costing UK employers £26 billion each year the CIPD advocate the critical need for robust and integrated wellbeing strategies.

We are passionate about employee health and wellbeing and offer a comprehensive audit of your business in order to identify areas which could be improved by a heightened focus on wellbeing issues.

It is often the case that businesses have policies regarding occupational health which rarely go beyond the reactive; those which offer support once a crisis point has been reached. Through our targeted engagement and evidence based approach, HappyMaven delivers a scalable and sustainable wellbeing framework to help nurture businesses and employees.

Our smorgasbord of strategies to improve mental, physical, social and environmental wellbeing are specifically tailored to your business. The key to developing meaningful change in your company is in enabling wellbeing in your colleagues.

Wellbeing Audit

The first stage of our process is the audit, the aim of which is to identify what you are doing well, what needs to be improved, and what areas are being neglected in terms of wellbeing. The audit will generate both qualitative and quantitative data in a report along with a proposal of next steps. The virtue of operating this way is, due to the evidence-based model we operate, a scalable, sustainable and highly adaptive framework can be built, bespoke to your business’ requirements.


Following the audit is a period of Engagement, which will involve you working with one of our Wellbeing Officers based on the evidence provided in the audit stage. You will identify the key areas you wish to focus on and, along with help from a Wellbeing Officer, will begin to strategically target areas which require improvement. You will have access to an array of HappyMaven resources and services which will have been specifically tailored to you and your business, and your Wellbeing Package will take shape.


The most important stage of the process is the promise of sustainability. After the engagement offer, a Wellbeing Officer will help you lay out a framework which can be implemented to ensure increased wellbeing is not a temporary measure, but feeds into your company culture. There is a key focus on scalability, driven by our quantitative approach, to ensure your wellbeing plan grows along with your business. To accompany this, as a HappyMaven member you will have continued access to our resources, workshops and Annual Wellbeing Events.


We offer a comprehensive programme of workshops designed to positively impact physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Our fun and engaging sessions cover topics ranging from sleep, nutrition to energy levels and can be tailored to your requirements. We can also partner you with leading lights from the world of yoga, mindfulness and fitness.


Cognitive behavioural health coaching helps with behaviour change and improved wellbeing outcomes. We work with your executive teams to identify their most pressing wellbeing needs and assist them to set and reach their health and wellbeing goals. Incremental and sustainable change that can then be championed across the business.


With extensive experience of aligning CSR objectives with wellbeing outcomes we can help improve your current CSR commitments or pair you with one (or more!) of our community partners from the Arts, Youth Engagement, Eco Projects and beyond.

Our Story

HappyMaven’s philosophy is to advocate for and facilitate personal and collective wellbeing through incremental change and sustainable behaviours.

HappyMaven founder and Chief Happiness Officer Suki Bassi is fundamental to delivering this philosophy. The thread to Suki’s life and career has been Community Engagement and Wellbeing, often working with people and communities at their most vulnerable. Among others, working with Rwandan genocide survivors, housing victims of torture, supporting anti-trafficking projects to consulting on urban regeneration initiatives and delivering the inspirational Conversations for Change programme on behalf of the Tutu Foundation.

This breadth of experience, coupled with time at corporate giants such as WPP, gives Suki unique perspective and understanding of what makes people, from whatever background, tick. This intuition, built on two decades of experience, is invaluable to explaining the HappyMaven way.

The Wellbeing Revolution is truly underway, and continued research and analysis backs up what HappyMaven already knows; building a happier, healthier, more connected workforce delivers excellent results for everyone.


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