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Thursday, June 18, 2020

What is burnout?


At this stressful, uncertain time, many of us may be close to burnout.

A separation of work and home life is harder to maintain; distressing and stressful news a daily reality; social distancing can be physically and psychologically draining and quite simply overall fatigue is challenging both for our bodies and our minds.This video was recorded in February but the advice still holds true.

Do you recognise any of these signs in yourself or in others?

🟠 Chronic fatigue and irritability?

🟠 Struggling to switch-off from work?

🟠  Less empathetic than usual?

They can all be early signs of burnout.  However, if you catch the symptoms of burnout early enough you can take simple steps to mitigate its effects.We all have a duty of care to create a safe place for ourselves and for our employees.

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