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Thursday, March 3, 2022

Vital Changes To The Workplace For DEI Development

Our previous article discussed changes to the workplace and the future of work that have come from 2 years of turmoil and shifts in priorities & practices.

Why are the changes we have seen in the workplace, throughout 2020, 2021 and even those still evolving, a vital piece of the pie for DEI?

Our people have become the undisputable focus over the past 2 years and this can not and should not be undone.  The People Agenda is front and centre, as the world of business has been forced to appreciate the value and the fragility of the people who make up organisations. 

The benefits of looking after these people, of creating cultures they want and are proud to be part of far outweigh the effort put in to create it. These benefits can be measurable in fiscal terms and business outcomes as well as the less tangible employee engagement. 

While there is a desire to return to a state of ‘normality’, the challenge is to be selective and carry the value of our learnings with us to create a better ‘normal’. 

The truth is that whatever is not fought for now will affect the appeal of the organisation in the future. Those that have not valued gender parity in the now can not expect future generations of talent to be drawn to their values or equal opportunities in the future. Similarly, those who have not shaped an environment and precedent that values worklife balance and employee wellbeing can not expect to benefit from the talent of younger generations, who are already showing to value this greatly in an employer. Nor can they assume to benefit from the positive repercussions of this, such as staff retention, employer branding, reduced absenteeism, increased productivity and a more harmonious and happier workforce. 


With more care and compassion for humanity in our business relationships, following a turbulent time, we expect to be able to bring these qualities with us to create better workforces and company cultures. 

 Evolving Beyond Quotas

Change has happened and continues to happen.  It is up to each of us, as decision-makers and budget-holders, whether or not we respond effectively to it.  Whether we move to meet the needs and demands of employees and the world around us. Change, DEI investment, employee wellbeing initiatives are not a destination, they are an evolution that should be nurtured with honesty and authenticity in an organisation that truly values the worth of doing so. 

Investing in, and improving the approach to diversity, equality and inclusion can be measured, it can be a savvy business decision, but it should not only be this. Whether this is your first introduction to the idea of investing in DEI (and we hope it’s not), you’re ready to get started or you have been working on improving your organisation for years, there is always scope for improvement. 

While some may be starting from a different standpoint, there is no limit to the improvements that can be made to workplace culture and the looking after of employee needs and wellbeing. 

Start The Evolution Now.

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