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Monday, February 21, 2022

The Role Of Leadership In Paving The Way For Change. 

Bring lessons learned in 2021 into the new year. 2022 is the year to make meaningful change and invest in the things that matter; creating more diverse, equal and inclusive organisations. 

Following another year that taught us the importance of flexibility, empathy, support and community, and reminded us of the value of our people, 2022 is a critical time to implement change in fundamental areas of business. 

“Leadership, People Management and Culture are the foundations of fostering employee wellbeing” - CIPD

In the first of our 2022 HappyMaven HR Toolboxes, we’re equipping you with the knowledge and actions you need to tackle the year ahead with purpose, to reevaluate the status of your own DEI agenda and raise the bar of expectations.

Change has been forced into our lives and businesses and has brought unexpected opportunities for progression, progression which may not have been reached without pandemic-induced change. Now that it is here, which changes and new practices do we intend to maintain?

As People Leaders and HR Managers, it is paramount that change and exemplar behaviour begins with us. Change must come from the head of organisations and cascade through the hierarchy, no matter the organisational structure, to be and lead the change we hope to see.

There is a need for guidance in the curation of an inclusive and evolving company culture as well as a responsibility and duty of care to promote and protect the wellbeing and wider needs of workforces. The value and strength of impactful leadership is not in having all the answers in times of crisis and change. Instead, to cultivate a mindset and network of support which means that teams can make balanced, informed decisions when needed and freely ask the questions they want and need to. 

In both our Q1 and Q4 2021 HR Toolboxes, we highlighted the importance of leadership and outlined the most valuable learnings to be taken from trying times.  They are: Authenticity, Vulnerability, Resilience and Measuring Success.

We’re taking this a little deeper and asking what actions we can take to ensure that these learnings are permeating across the business and making a difference?

Revisit Your Values

Understand and redefine what the company represents, how it’s seen and how you want to be seen. Compare the two to highlight the gaps between who you think you are and who you want to be as an organisation.

Build A Sense Of Belonging

A sense of strength, togetherness and belonging can help to build resilience, honesty and openness from your teams, through the good and the bad times. 

Practice What You Preach

As leaders, are we being our most authentic selves, are we being honest and vulnerable with our employees when we can? We can not expect honesty from them if we are shielding them from truths. “It's not just saying it, it's being seen to do it. As a leader in the business, you set the example. There is no point putting on pilates at lunchtime if you are not moving any meetings.’ - Suki Bassi

Leadership is where change should begin and is the overarching factor for any change we wish to see in the future of work. The role of leadership is to lead, what changes will you lead in 2022?

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