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Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Talking about Purpose, Mental Health and Career in a time of uncertainty

Over the past few weeks, over six million people have been furloughed in the UK and thousands more face uncertainty, redundancy and unemployment in the coming months.

This has led us to think about how closely our career, our purpose and our mental health are linked and how the current crisis is impacting this balance. 

A career or vocation is often what helps shape and define us as individuals, providing a sense of purpose and belonging. Our career often says a lot about how our personality and values are manifested and perceived and can help to determine what ‘success’ looks like, both for ourselves, and how it’s viewed by others. 

Having a purpose, creates a sense of meaning in life. To know what you love to do, what you are good at, and how you can contribute to the world. This is often discovered through a career or a passion which helps to guide decisions and determine success. 

Undeniably, society has created ideals of success and achievement directly linked to careers, however if this year has taught us anything, it’s that many of us have had to stop our careers and passions for the health and safety of ourselves and others. With this in mind, many of us are facing mental health challenges linked to financial concerns, loneliness and lacking a sense of purpose and fulfillment. 

It’s important to recognise that feeling devoid of purpose is a legitimate wellbeing concern, which can lead to feeling isolated and even depression especially when there’s an indefinite way out of the current situation. Taking this into account, we’ve collated some key tips for renewing your purpose and recognising the unique value you provide. 

Speak to a Professional

At HappyMaven, we support businesses to authentically engage with their people - providing access to a confidential service that allows employees to speak to an experienced wellbeing professional.  We provide tailored advice and strategies for managing wellbeing concerns and offer robust pep talks to provide positivity, perspective and plans during this time.

Audit and Refocus

We understand that this time of uncertainty may have led to feelings of uncertainty and lack of clarity about our purpose and how best to apply our talents. This is a good time to take stock of our core values by auditing skills and reordering goals and priorities. In our ‘real life’ we rarely have the time to ask ourselves questions such as:

  • Does the success model I am working towards really make me happy?
  • Am I being challenged and stimulated in my daily routine?
  • How can I pivot my skillset to achieve new goals?

And even more rarely do we have the opportunity to respond honestly and authentically. Purpose is ever-evolving, being rigid about our purpose means that we may miss opportunities, rather than transitioning our purpose with emerging new possibilities. 

Pivot Skills

When tools are not used, they get rusty. Try reframing skills for new challenges, to not only keep them sharp, but to provide reassurance in our purpose and to achieve new goals.

  • Are you a great event manager at work?
  • Why not project manage a community activity to engage your neighbours?
  • Part of a marketing team that’s been put on hold?
  • Use your communication skills to re-connect with people in your address book.

The way in which people and businesses have responded to the crisis has shown us that fluidity and adaptability is key to success and purpose. Brands such as Jaguar Land Rover and Burberry have been unable to continue business as usual production, so have pivoted their manufacturing to provide critical resources for the NHS. This adaptability has provided the brands with renewed purpose and value, and this perspective could be replicated in our everyday lives.

At HappyMaven, we believe that good business starts with employee wellbeing. Whether your team are busy and overwhelmed in the workplace or awaiting the green light to get back to work, our experienced team can support your existing HR function during these complex working times. We provide insights and advice on best practice, proactively improving employee wellbeing, retention, productivity and creating a positive impact on your employees lives.

Get in touch with us for a free consultation to discuss your business objectives and priorities to kick start your wellbeing journey.

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