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Thursday, October 14, 2021

HappyMaven Q3 HR Toolbox: The Cost of Rolling Back on DEI


Our Q3 HR Leaders Toolbox dives into the issue of diversity, equality and inclusion in the workplace, and the cost of this for both business and, in this first of a 4-part series, for women personally.

The necessity of a DEI strategy is clear and for organisations and largely actioned. With such a focus on applying these strategies for fairer, equal and empowered working environments, we explore the cost of rolling back on this investment in DEI. With a deep understanding of the demand on HR leaders to to stay aligned with new guidance, brand initiatives and the developing needs of their workforce, we aim to equip you with knowledge which enables you to develop your people agendas and support your employees in the most holistic way.

Key areas:

DEI in Context: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. What does it mean to you?

Why Women? Focusing on one intersection of DEI.

The Personal Cost: Health & Wealth

The Professional Cost: Career progression

The Organisational Cost: Leadership,Profit & Reputation

Why it Matters: Balancing the Scales

Download the HappyMaven Q3 HR Toolbox here

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