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Thursday, April 2, 2020

#KindWords - A daily dose of kindness from HappyMaven

Every year, April marks Stress Awareness Month, however, this year is not like other years. During these uncertain times, we understand that stress and anxiety are commonplace in every home, workplace and on every screen.

So, at HappyMaven this month, we have decided to dedicate April to offering reassuring, pragmatic thoughts and ideas in the form of a daily mini-mini podcast, #KindWords, rather than adding further noise to the stresses of our current circumstances. 

The internet is teeming with well-meaning advice on how to use this unusual time in lockdown productively; to take fitness challenges, or create daily bakes, or learn Spanish or read a book a day…  but this overwhelmingly upbeat noise has the ability to create internal pressures, making us feel like we’re not achieving enough. 

A wise woman, Tarana Burke, recently mused that self-help books have the capacity to make us feel like we’re doing something wrong, like we’re broken, like we need to go outside of ourselves to feel joy.

With this sentiment in mind, we at HappyMaven believe that simply existing and coping through this situation is enough right now.

We recognise that global circumstances are out of our control and developing every day, but what we do have control over is the capacity to be kind to ourselves, and each other, as we adapt and navigate this journey - together.

Every day throughout this month, we at HappyMaven, are sharing #KindWords, a daily mini-mini-podcast with a thought, reflection or intention to start your day. At times like these, setting intentions can provide some well-needed structure, anchoring us to our purpose and value.  ⁠

We hope you enjoy our daily musings as much as we enjoy recording them, and we wish you peace and good health throughout these unusual times.

Click on the images below to listen in.

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