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Monday, September 7, 2020

HappyNews | September 2020


This September, the autumn air seems to be charged with positive energy and renewed motivation as many people return to the workplace or embark upon new opportunities.

This month’s HappyNews includes news of employee empowerment, support and wellbeing initiatives from small start-ups to global conglomerates. We hope that this edition of HappyNews stories provides a dose of good news, hope and inspiration as we begin this new month. 

Indian company tackles taboo by introducing paid leave for periods

We’re thrilled to see companies addressing and destigmatising conversations around menstruation. For decades, periods have been a barrier to women’s equality. The monthly cycle can cause a variety of painful symptoms that continue for the majority of females working lives, affecting their health, productivity and wellness. The food-delivery firm, Zomato, have announced that they are providing 10 days per year of paid leave for employees unwell due to menstruation. We are inspired by this refreshing corporate policy and look forward to seeing more employers follow. 

UK banks increase number of female board members

In business as a whole, women are under-represented at board-level, however, UK banking is outperforming Europe and the US when it comes to the proportion of women who are board members. Research shows that while banks in every region has improved, the UK has seen the biggest increase in female representation on the boards of banks over the last five years. Historical barriers within banks that have prevented women progressing into senior leadership roles in the past – such as taking maternity leave and returning to work – have been addressed through inclusion programmes and there has also been greater use of flexible working and proactive pipelining of female talent into key roles.

Creative Ways Businesses Are Supporting Employees With Kids During the Pandemic

Parents make up 75% of the UK workforce, so we’re thrilled to read about these innovative and compassionate ways small businesses have been supporting their employees with children during the pandemic. From creating dedicated online channels and communities for parents to share advice, articles (and frustrations!) about their childcare work-life juggle, to providing meaningful perks to enable parents and children to spend more quality time together, these benefits show that supporting employees doesn’t have to break the bank. 

Google is now making it easier to find Black-owned businesses

In June, Google made a pledge to support the Black community with “initiatives and product ideas that support long-term solutions”. In support of Black business owners, and bolstered by the success of the first Black Pound Day in June organised to give the Black community both an emotional and financial boost; Google has launched a new badge to represent Black-owned businesses; a black heart over an orange three-striped background. The badge will allow shoppers to search and identify Black-owned businesses on or Google Maps.

IBM to retrain 3,000 veterans on cybersecurity

At HappyMaven, we believe that having a purpose is so key to leading a fulfilled and balanced life, that’s why we’re featuring IBM’s SkillsBuild initiative in this month's HappyNews selection. The programme enables members of the defence community to acquire the skills to transition out of the military and into high-demand sectors such as IT. More than 3,000 veterans, former defense personnel and their families will have the opportunity to learn new digital skills in the areas of computer security, cloud administration, data management and web development, among others. Participants will help solve real-world challenges by taking on special projects and be mentored by IBM talent who will guide them throughout their training, career planning and job search.

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