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Monday, August 9, 2021

Feel Good Friday: HappyMaven x ON:SONG


Feel Good Friday is a series of bitesize events held on the first Friday of each month. Join us live or watch later for an informal session where we learn and chat with founders of wellbeing organisations to boost happiness hormones, spark creativity and re-energise for the day.

HappyMaven’s Chief Happiness Officer, Suki Bassi says:

“When HappyMaven held an informal & uplifting 30-minute session with our partners, Goodsted, to wrap up Mental Health Awareness Week in May this year, I found the experience simply enjoyable and fun - feelings that had been missing for a little while. Having inspiring and uplifting conversations with our guests and being able to provide them with something tangible to develop their personal, professional or community wellbeing gave me great pleasure and reminded me why I do the work that I do.

I believe this combination of bitesize sessions, pertinent topics, stimulating guest speakers and two-way conversations make for a memorable and valuable experience - personally and professionally. And so to continue to share this with our amazing HappyMaven tribe the idea for a monthly #FeelGoodFriday event was born!”

Our Guests, ON:SONG:

Our inaugural guest for Feel Good Friday is George Bell, Co-founder of ON:SONG, who run choirs and singing workshops for organisations. ON:SONG’s mission is to promote the benefits of group singing to support global wellbeing. Working closely with HR and senior leadership, ON:SONG deliver programs that are effective in supporting the wellbeing and mental health needs of employees.

Join us to discover George's founder story and how ON:SONG's approach to music, choirs and community can help businesses create a sense of connection and culture despite teams working remotely in this present day. Music is the vehicle that ON:SONG use to reconnect the disconnected, and is proven to have many physical, mental and social benefits and improves employee wellbeing, mental health and happiness.


  • Have you heard that the best ideas come when you’re least expecting? Take 30-minutes to take a break, enjoy open-minded conversations and potentially discover your own ‘aha’ moment.
  • Replenish your feel-good chemicals to make for a happier day ahead.
  • Inspiring, unbiased advice and insight into how founders developed their successful business with wellbeing at its core.
  • Ideas to support strategies for boosting personal and professional wellbeing.

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