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Thursday, May 28, 2020

10 Mental Health Tips for the Future of Work

During Mental Health Awareness Week, Suki K Bassi, our Chief Happiness Officer discussed the Future of Work with other expert panellists Beth Husted, Debi Ashby, Jenna Mullett and hosted by Anton Whitefoot.

An insightful session, filled with personal and professional learnings plus concerns and tips for HR teams to maintain their and their team's wellbeing for the turbulent journey ahead.  ‍

Our 10 Mental Health Learnings for The Future of work from our HR Talk Time with Oracle

1. Mental Health At Work needs to be a key priority for businesses

2. Resilience is not finite, it needs to be topped up and it cannot be replenished overnight

3. Exercise, nutrition, fun and friendship are more important than ever

4. Businesses have to proactively navigate the new normal and check-in with their teams regularly and individually as one size doesn’t fit all

5. Existing issues are being magnified as corporate culture is put in the spotlight

6. Managers need to be empowered to support their teams

7. If you have an EAP, promote it and make sure your teams know how to access it

8. We all need to switch off.  Encourage your team members to take annual leave.

9. Going back into workplaces will generate anxiety.  Our bodies and minds may need support to adapt to a different pace of life.

10. Remember to be kind to ourselves.  We are all doing our best.

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