Our Story

HappyMaven’s philosophy is to advocate for and facilitate personal and collective wellbeing through incremental change and sustainable behaviours.

HappyMaven founder and Chief Happiness Officer Suki Bassi is fundamental to delivering this philosophy. The thread to Suki’s life and career has been Community Engagement and Wellbeing, often working with people and communities at their most vulnerable. Among others, working with Rwandan genocide survivors, housing victims of torture, supporting anti-trafficking projects to consulting on urban regeneration initiatives and delivering the inspirational Conversations for Change programme on behalf of the Tutu Foundation.

This breadth of experience, coupled with time at corporate giants such as WPP, gives Suki unique perspective and understanding of what makes people, from whatever background, tick. This intuition, built on two decades of experience, is invaluable to explaining the HappyMaven way.

The Wellbeing Revolution is truly underway, and continued research and analysis backs up what HappyMaven already knows; building a happier, healthier, more connected workforce delivers excellent results for everyone.